GHG Engineering LLC began operations in 2014 as a transportation carbon emissions assessment and water and climate sustainability consulting firm.
GHG Engineering has worked with clients and organizations in several U.S. states and Mexico. 

Our experience includes projects in the natural gas distribution, mass transit, renewable natural gas engineering, and industrial energy efficiency industries. GHG Engineering has also done pro bono work to promote sustainable transportation in Costa Rica and also participates in Maryland’s effort to prepare the state’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan.

The Company believes that both private and public organizations will continue to operate in an increasingly competitive and financially constrained environment. Therefore, our focus is on delivering high value and insightful sustainable solutions and recommendations for the Client organization. We aim at assisting our Clients increase their competitive advantage. Also, as experienced implementers, we bring to our Clients a good grasp for what tends work where.

GHG Engineering has minority business enterprise status (MBE) with Maryland’s Department of Transportation and the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. We have Professional Engineering, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Certification in Construction Quality Management qualifications.


John A. Mosheim, P.E., CEM

Principal Water + Carbon Sustainability Engineer

John A. Mosheim, P.E., CEM has 25 years of practical experience in chemical engineering, environmental consulting, mining, and operations management. 

John designed over 30 industrial water recycling and wastewater treatment facilities in the U.S., Mexico and other countries of up to 1 million gallons per day. He has designed water/wastewater facilities for the private and the public sectors including the U.S. Federal Government and chemical purification systems for the mining sector. John has broad exposure to a variety of industries and businesses varying from small NGO’s to legacy DoD uranium enrichment facilities. 

In the climate change mitigation area, he has verified over four (4) million Metric Tonnes of CO2e reductions in the U.S. and Mexico including emissions reductions (ER) for Mexico City’s Metrobus BRT where he verified the first six years of ERs for this World Bank financed project. This BRT project was the first transportation project in the world to monetize carbon offsets resulting from verified ERs. In the past, John was responsible managing the preparation of the global greenhouse gas inventory (Scope 1,2, and 3) for a major U.S. cosmetics manufacturer for a number of years. 

John’s experience includes GIS spatial analysis with emphasis on infrastructure vulnerability assessment in Maryland, water and stormwater sustainability and suitability pilot applications, and state level greenhouse gas emissions web maps.

In the renewable fuels space John has performed third party engineering reviews at several biogas treatment and enrichment operations under EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard. The resulting biofuels from these operations were used for D3 RIN generation. Sources of the biogas for these projects included: municipal wastewater treatment plants, landfills, and food waste collection operations. Biogas purification technologies included: adsorptive media, bio treatment, stripping, pressure swing adsorption, and gas selective membranes among others. 

In the past he worked on projects such as banana plantation waste prevention and utilization, e-waste management, life cycle assessments (LCA) of paper products, and QA/QC of wastewater projects of up to $300 million.

John has degrees in Chemical Engineering, Geology, and Business. He has also completed intensive courses with the World Bank Institute on Energy Sector Strategies to Promote Green Growth and Low Carbon Development Planning and Modelling as well as numerous courses in GIS principles and applications with emaphasis in Web based solutions. 

John is active in promoting sustainable transportation solutions and is engaged with the sustainable energy and natural gas communities in Washington D.C.

Robert B. Pojasek, Ph.D.

Sr. Sustainability & Management Systems Consultant

Dr. Pojasek is a renowned sustainability practitioner, leader, teacher, and author with over 30 years of experience in programs and projects with companies and organizations such as mining concerns, energy companies, global gas and oil companies, industrial concerns, banks, and U.S. and foreign governments, among others.  He specializes in developing and applying proven management strategies and key deliverables to generate sustainable success and business growth opportunities for organizations and their customers. He is experienced in sustainability aspects of water and water footprint development projects. He is highly experienced with sustainability reporting frameworks such as the GRI, DJSI, and the CDP, as well as many ISO standards. He has expertise in developing and implementing programs that use ISO 31000 risk management guidance to align sustainability with the enterprise risk management program.

Robert has a strong track record of delivering outstanding sustainable business results to Fortune 500 firms and their supply chains.  An outstanding team builder, coach and mentor with strong program management and communication skills, Robert is adept at creating effective strategies for implementing programs with a broad range of efficient service.  He has also performed numerous M&A due diligence investigations for very large transactions and helped corporations integrate management systems during transitional periods. He is an adjunct professor at the Harvard University Extension School, where he teaches graduate level courses in sustainability. Robert holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts.

His most recent book is Organizational Risk Management and Sustainability: A Practical Step By Step Guide. Representative Professional Honors include Pollution Prevention Champion Award, National Pollution Prevention Roundtable and Meritorious Services to Pollution Prevention, Canadian Pollution Prevention Roundtable, among several others.