Fuel Switch Recommendation: A Low Carbon Transport Sector Intervention for Maryland’s Proposed GHG Emission Reduction Plan

GHG Engineering, LLC submitted a mitigation recommendation for the introduction of alternative fuels-switch as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction measure in Maryland’s transport sector. We are petitioning that the Maryland Commission on Climate Change (MCCC) assess switching a portion of the conventional diesel and gasoline and other transportation fuels with biofuels, renewable fuels and other low carbon intensity fuels (alternative transportation fuels). Some of these alternative fuels can be produced in-state and have the potential to significantly benefit Maryland’s agricultural and farm economy, local governments, energy security, etc.

Selected Highlights:

  • The American Biogas Council has estimated that Maryland has an unrealized biogas production opportunity equivalent to approximately 49 million gallons of diesel fuel.  If Maryland were to harness 40% of that potential, this could reduce direct CO2 transport emissions by about 200,000 MT of CO2 per year. All the technology to make this happen is “off the shelf”.
  • If Maryland were to replace 35% or about 210 million gallons of the diesel fuel the state consumed in 2016 with renewable biodiesel, this would result in an estimated two million MTCO2 in direct GHG emission reductions per year.
  • More so, if Maryland were to produce 10 million gallons per year of biodiesel from soybeans or other suitable feedstocks, it would offset biodiesel imports by an equal amount creating a source of new jobs, tax revenue, farm sector wellbeing and diversification, and contribute to Maryland’s energy security among others. Biodiesel production technology is also a commercially available technology.


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