ESRI® recognizes GHG Engineering’s John Mosheim

John Mosheim was recognized by ESRI® for his contribution during The Location Advantage business GIS course

Last July 2018 ESRI’s Director of Education and Global Development, Mr. D. DiBiase, wrote a recognition letter to John Mosheim from GHG Engineering for completing The Location Advantage course “with distinction” and “for being an outstanding course citizen” among the 5,000 students registered in this six week massive online open course.

The Location Advantage GIS course used ESRI’s ArcGIS Online® and Business Analyst® cloud based platforms to develop location enabled solutions for: bank branch location analytics, supply chain vulnerability and adaptation measures, hurricane insurance risk assessment, and others.

Credits: ESRI, others

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John Mosheim, P.E., CEM is Principal Water + Carbon Sustainability Engineer at GHG Engineering, LLC, a sustainability engineering consultancy located in Rockville, Maryland. John can be reached at or via telephone at 443-370-5956.

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