Web Apps and Maps for Sustainability and Policy Analysis Support - Social Cost of Carbon Exposure Assessments

Climate Change Mitigation - Maryland, USA facilities reporting in 2016 under EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule. Web App screenshot that shows location of reporting facilities and total GHG emissions in metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents (MTCO2e) by county. The map includes the hypothetical dollar value of the GHG emissions using a social cost of carbon of $ 20 per MTCO2e aggregated by county. In general facilities reporting have more than 25,000 MT CO2e emissions per year and include power plants, federal facilities, industrial plants, and landfills among others. Map and data is for illustration purposes only and does not endorse any particular position or action or potential outcome.

Turn Non Intuitive Data Sets into Actionable Visualizations - Conventional and Non-Conventional Electricity Generation

MD Fossil FuelCoalNatural GasOtherPetroleumMD Nuclear PowerNuclearMD RenewableHydroelectricOther biomassSolarWindWood2016 MD GenerationPJM Fossil FuelPJM Nuclear PowerPJM Renewable2016 PJM Generation2016 MD Retail SalesTotal Fossil FuelsTotal NuclearTotal Renewables

Sankey Diagram for state level electrical energy generation flows and out of state electricity purchases in 2016. Thickness of the lines is proportional to the individual generation values. Diagram depicts the individual and overall fuel mix used to generate electricity. Different diagrams could be used to visualize different generation mix scenarios under a low carbon emissions mitigation plan.